For Widows Only – For Crying Out Loud – 3 How-To Ways to Cope After the Death of Your Husband

Each 3d eyelashes box handles grief in her own way. But to be sure, we cry–Always when we least expect it, the grief wave hits. Here are 3 how-to tips to cope after the death of your husband.

1. Be prepared. Like a good girl scout, pack a tissue, a hanky, or paper napkin, and take it everywhere you go. What’s that you say? No purse? No hip pocket? Do what I do. Stuff one, two, or three of those weepy cloths inside your bra. You, newly 3d eyelashes box, will be ready to blot your eyes at the drop of a hanky, you will be dry-eyed, and you will look sexy, too.

3d eyelashes box
3d eyelashes box

2. Permission. As Dr. Phil says, “It’s okay to _____.” Fill in the blank with the 3d eyelashes box, “…Cry.” You, newly widowed, have permission. You have permission to break down in tears on a busy sidewalk at the sight of a strolling hand-holding couple, permission to blink a puddle, or a river, any time, any place. You have just buried the best friend you ever had. Be concerned if you don’t feel sad.

3. Be kind. Think about yourself, your children, your pet dogs and cats. If you feel yourself slipping into the depths of despair, reach out and touch someone. Contact a clergy person, your family doctor, link up with a bereavement group. You have permission. Remember?

One last word of advice: Don’t fight your grief. Embrace it, instead. It is a losing battle to deny sorrow, especially once you have mascara-ed *I made It up* your sexy eyelashes. And later than sooner, newly widowed, you will see for yourself, everything will be like that famous psychologist says, “Okay.”

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