10 Make Up Big Mistakes And How To Sort It Out

You have make up for years still 3d Mink Eye lashes occurs. Something wrong with make up must be the cause of those problems. See the 15 big mistakes you may have done and see how to sort it out.

1. Wrong use of shimmer
Shimmer can support women’s face more gorgeous. But if it’s put on wrong position, it can turn women look older. The way not to use shimmer in mistake way is put it on the right position. Try the eye shadow or blush on with light shimmer and put it on the T-zone: shin, nose, and forehead.

3d Mink Eye lashes
3d Mink Eye lashes

2. Too thick eyebrows.
If you have dark brown or black hair, you may want to make your face softer by using light brown or even red brown colour on your brows. This will make you look fake and overly made up. So if you have dark brown or black hair, use grey color to fill in your brows. The brow powders are always better than pencils as they will make you look less severe.

3. Fill in the powder on face without 3d Mink Eye lashes pad first.
Actually, you can fill in the powder on your face during the day as it helps to protect your face from uv ray and pollution. But filling in the powder on the oily and dirty face will damage your skin as it will accumulate the dirt on your face. So before fill in the powder, clean your face with cleansing pad first. The powder will not make a big trouble to your skin afterwards.

4. Too thick mascara on the lower lashes
Brushing mascara on the lower lashes will help your eyes sharper and sparkling. But smudging too much mascara on the lower lashes will make a shade under your eyes and can emphasize the short eye lashes. If you really want to highlight your 3d Mink Eye lashes and thicken the lower lashes, use eye liner pencil (use brown color) draw on the under eyes instead or you can use the mascara without colour to apply.

5. Forgetting foundation on the neck
If you put on the foundation on your face but not on your neck, your 3d Mink Eye lashes and your neck will come out with different shades. It will make you look fake. So apply foundation on your neck every time you put it on your face. After applying the foundation, also apply the translucent powder on both face and neck to set it look the same.

6. Too thick and dark eye liner
Too thick and dark eye liner will make the eyes owner scary, especially those who have big round eyes. Use the softer colour tone like brown instead and draw softly to avoid thickening the eye liner.

7. Too heavy foundation
Prepare your skin before coloring your 3d Mink Eye lashes is an important thing you should not look over. The foundation should not be too heavy as it will cover pores which leads to get wrinkle. Oily skin people should use powder with foundation whereas the liquid foundation which contain uv protection substance is good for old and dry skin people.

8. Too much shading on your face
Many women apply bronzer or the darker shade of foundation on the cheek side and molar to make dimension on their faces. But this can emphasize too facet on your face and make it look too strong. After shading your face, brush up the peach colour over your cheeks to gain the softer face.

9. Wrong color base and foundation use
Use the wrong color base and foundation on your face will exaggerate your 3d Mink Eye lashes. For example, use fair pink colour on your tan skin will make your face purple. So choose the nearest your skin colour foundation. For those who have fair skin, Pale Yellow of Bobbi Brown is recommended. For the tanned people, Chanel no. 8 is good for you. Anyway, you do not need to choose the recommended ones but the good foundation colour should not be a very white or fair ones as it will not come out naturally. It should contain yellow 3d Mink Eye lashes in it as most women have yellow based skin, includes most Caucasian and all Asians.

3d Mink Eye lashes
3d Mink Eye lashes

10. Face cleansing
According to recent studies in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, deposits of nicotine and carbon monoxide (from secondhand smoke and pollution) can wreck havoc on the skin. So clean your face before going to bed must be done every night. Take off the make up base or foundation only by cleansing oil – cleansing foam can never get rid of the heavy foundation out of your face- , and then use the non-ionic cleansing foam to wash your face again. After that use the toner on your face to strengthen the pores.

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