4 Easy Steps To Cover Your Pimples

What do you do when your new acne medication has not kicked in an you need to look great TODAY? Do not panic. With the following easy tips you will look great so put away that ski mask and get to work on hiding that 3d mink lashes eyelashes extension.

All you need to do is learn a few creative acne 3d mink lashes eyelashes extension concealing tips and you will look your very best at school, work or play.

There are some very easy ways to conceal acne with makeup. This does not cure it, but it will get you through the day with your head held high.

What your need for your acne makeup tool kit

 3d mink lashes eyelashes extension
3d mink lashes eyelashes extension

You will only need three make-up weapons to hide your acne, concealer, a foundation and a finishing powder. Here is some advice, do not buy cheap make-up. You should only use make-up that has a good reputation that you trust.Some examples are Clinique and Lancome. Also be sure to buy a color that matches your skin tone well.

The key to success with this is to choose oil-free 3d mink lashes eyelashes extension. Read the labels to make sure it is oil-free. Most of your good, brand name products will be oil-free. Using oil-free makeup and cleansing products will ensure that you are not going to aggravate the acne. After all you are trying to cover it up, not get rid of it! Another good rule of thumb is to use hypoallergenic products so you do not break out from an allergy. Lancome is a good hypoallergenic brand.

It is always a good ideas to test any new brand of makeup that you are using. You want to test it to make sure you are not allergic to it. To test, apply small dabs to a small area under your jaw. If you skin is going to have an allergic reaction it will happen within an hour. This is really important because if you use something all over your face that you are going to be allergic to…well you can imagine how awful that will look.

Here are the four steps to hiding that acne

1. Wash your face with your normal face cleansing product and pat dry. Use your acne medication as directed and be sure to let it dry completely.

2. Start with the concealer. Apply the concealer right onto any blotches or red areas caused by the acne. Use a light dabbing motion. Use a disposable facial sponge to blend the concealer in. Use small amounts of concealer, remember you can apply more if you need it but you do not want to layer it on too thickly or it will look terrible when it dries.

3. Apply foundation using a light dabbing motion. Use the foundation sparingly an blend it in with your disposable makeup sponge. You can add foundation to any areas that need it.

4. Using a 3d mink lashes eyelashes extension brush put on a light layer of the oil-free powder. This gets rid of any shine left by the concealer or foundation. It also evens everything up and gives you a “finished” look.

That is it! It is so easy to do and you will look great. Be sure you throw away the sponges because your natural face oil will get on them and you do not want to reapply that oil to your face by using the sponge again. Before you go to bed be sure and wash your face thoroughly to get all the 3d mink lashes eyelashes extension off. This will help control the acne you have and prevent new acne from showing up.

 3d mink lashes eyelashes extension
3d mink lashes eyelashes extension

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