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With the advent of High Definition (HD) television and movies, there has had to be a critical overhaul in the way that blink strip eyelashes and special effects are done in the entertainment industry, as High Definition filming captures everything – flaws and all. One of the most important innovations has been in the field of HD foundation makeup which provides a flawless finish even in the closest of close-ups.


So what makes Hi

blink strip eyelashes
blink strip eyelashes

gh Definition foundation makeup different? Most HD blink strip eyelashes contains pigmented light reflectors, liquid crystal pigments or optical correctors which give an absolutely flawless finish, even under the harshest of lights which makes it perfect for television and photography using HD equipment.

High Definition foundation makeup has also been found to be really beneficial for mature skins, as the optical correctors make skin look younger. Most makeup brands are also putting nourishing ingredients like grape seed or vitamins into foundations, which also makes skin feel more youthful and supple.

The best types of makeup are actually those which use airbrush technology. Many blink strip eyelashes artists who are in the entertainment industry have switched to airbrush foundations for use with High Definition cameras, as sometimes even brush lines from manual foundation application show up with HD which would normally never be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there a High Definition foundation makeup and airbrush kit which can be used at home?

A. Yes, there are quite a number of at-home airbrushing kits on the market. Not all of them have HD foundation blink strip eyelashes though and not all are of the highest quality.

Q. Are HD foundation makeup products more expensive than regular products?

A. In some brand-lines they may be more expensive than their regular foundations, but overall they are in the average price-range of around $20-$40 for a decent brand.

Q. How does airbrushing differ from manual application?

A. Airbrushing foundation, whether it is HD foundation blink strip eyelashes or regular foundation allows for a gentle build up of product which goes on in a seamless cover, with no brushes, no sponges and no fingers used, so there are no visible signs of application.

HD foundation makeup combined with an airbrush application is possibly the most perfect makeup coverage there is. The best thing is that this technology is not limited to the entertainment industry, as there are HD airbrush makeup kits available, such as from leading airbrush company Dinair, which are designed for home use.

With years of experience, Dinair have been leaders in the airbrushing industry from the start and their at-home kits provide people with the look and feel of celebrity makeup everyday. HD foundation makeup is after all not just meant for use in front of a HD camera but is revolutionizing the way women wear foundation everyday. From the nourishing ingredients, to the innovative technology of optical correctors and pigmented light reflectors, HD foundation makeup has really taken the foundation industry forward in leaps and bounds.

Adding an airbrush to the mix means that the HD effect will be trebled and a flawless coverage achieved which will have none of the tell-tale signs of application and even under the closest scrutiny will look like fresh perfect skin.

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blink strip eyelashes
blink strip eyelashes

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