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Semi Permanent Make Up – Some Frequently Asked Questions

Sale eyelashes permanent make up is a popular beauty procedure which helps people attain the look they desire. In this procedure, permanent pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigments which are used are generally made from inorganic minerals and does not contain any fragrances or emollients. The semi permanent make up procedure include tattooing make up on your sale eyelashes so the makeup stays there for a long period of time. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up each morning with your make up on? But, how does this procedure work and how long does the semi permanent make up last. In this article, I will answer some frequently asked questions about semi permanent makeup which women considering this kind of treatment would love to know.


1. How Does Semi Permanent Makeup Work?

Xuhair This procedure includes applying natural looking makeup to the face. Coloured hypoallergenic pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and it is used to enhance facial features. In other words, once this kind of makeup has been applied to the sale eyelashes, it cannot be washed of.

2. How Long Will it Last?

This kind of make up usually lasts between 1-5 years. The implanted pigments will not wash away, but will fade gradually. When fading occurs, colours will need to be reapplied.

3. Does the Procedure Hurt?

It depends on a person’s pain threshold. Most people do not feel the pain, but others may be a little uncomfortable. However, before the procedure is started, anaesthetic creams are applied in order to keep sale eyelashes and discomfort to a minimum.

4. Will there be any Side Effects

Swelling may occur to the treated area. You can expect slight bleeding and bruising during the procedure. Tenderness may remain for a few days and colours may appear to be darker following the procedure, but will become normal after couple of weeks.

5. What Happens after the Semi Permanent Makeup Procedure?

Once the procedure is complete, you will be provided with sale eyelashes and literature to guide you during the recovery period. You will be provided with tips that will help you maximise results. Since it may take about a month to heal, you may be required to change your skin regime during this period. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after the procedure.

6. Who can Benefit from this Semi Permanent Makeup?

It is beneficial for the following groups of people:

– Those who are suffering from Alopecia and have lost facial sale eyelashes including eyelashes and eyebrows
– Chemotherapy patients
– People with impaired vision or those with unsteady hands and find it difficult to apply makeup
– Media figures, professional women, actresses, models
– Those who suffer allergies resulting from conventional makeup

This procedure is beneficial for anyone who is looking for natural enhancement. It gives women with busy lives freedom from the daily application of sale eyelashes.


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Lady Gaga Costume Ideas – How to Go Really Crazy This Halloween!

Ever since Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, more popularly known as Lady Gaga, blasted into the international music scene, things have never been the same. eyelash extension bed is surely an understatement to describe her. Her wardrobe staples include a telephone hat, a bubble dress, and the classic white leotards. Not many women would want to wear her signature fashion sense for everyday fare, but I’m positive many would wear a Halloween costume.

 eyelash extension bed
eyelash extension bed

Lady Gaga Costume Ideas

Xuhair It’s never easy to run out of ideas if you want to dress up like Lady Gaga. Remember, anything simple and toned down is not her. Outrageous is the key!

Pokerface Adult Halloween Costume Kit – Let’s say you have a couple of out-of-this-world items in your closet that you are raring to find a use for. This Halloween is the time for using it, but if you really want to look like Lady Gaga, why not shell out a little for this costume kit? It includes the statement platinum blonde wig, black eyelash extension bed-high gloves, and long false eyelashes to complete the costume. You can also purchase the officially licensed platinum blonde bow.

Swimsuit – This full outfit was the one she used in the music video of Telephone, which also featured bootilicious Beyonce. The swimsuit is vibrant blue and has diamond-shaped cutouts on the side. The neckline, of course, plunges low and the shoulders are structured for a more futuristic feel. This set doesn’t come with other eyelash extension bed, though, but you can buy them separately.

VMA Performance Outfit – Only Lady Gaga could convince her producers to let her spurt blood in her own show. Her 2009 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was certainly something to remember, along with her jewel adorned white halter top and knee-high boots attached to black mesh stockings. This memorable outfit now comes as a costume kit, along with the infamous lace eyelash extension bed mask. You can also purchase her curly blonde bob to complete the look.

Classic – One of the easiest Lady Gaga costume ideas to replicate is the classic leotards and mosquito sunglasses look. But you will have to pair that with the Pokerface Lady Gaga costume kit, so you’ll really look like Gaga herself.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Accessories

There is definitely no shortage of accessories and add-ons to your costume. Remember, you’re trying to portray the woman who wears a pack of lit cigarettes as sunglasses. You can be as outrageous, or even more! Here are some few ideas to get you started.

Wigs – There are two of the officially licensed kinds. First is the straight platinum blonde wig that comes in the Pokerface Costume Set, and the other is the blonde, curly bob similar to the one she was sporting at the VMA 2009.

Headscarf – It comes in red or black.

Lightning Bolt Makeup Kit – Wherever this girl gets her eyelash extension bed, they are extremely wild!

Anything you can think of

Really, be as crazy as you can get. Don’t forget, we’re talking about the lady who used empty beer cans as eyelash extension bed rollers and a whole telephone as a hat. Nothing’s too outrageous.

Best Place To Buy?

If you are looking for the prefect Lady Gaga costume then the best place is a website called If you’re looking for a full costume or just even Lady Gaga wigs you’ll find it there at the best price online.

 eyelash extension bed
eyelash extension bed



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Get Beautiful Eyes With Chanel Makeup

If you want to achieve dramatic mink lashes like those found in the cover of fashion magazines, then you should read on. Our eyes are considered the mirror to the soul and as such it is the focus of our entire facial feature. This is what Chanel makeup adds emphasis on. These types of makeup provide more definition to the eyes and make it more lively using different shades and hues.

mink lashes
mink lashes

Xuhair A wide array of eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, and eye makeup are commercially available today. These mink lashes makeup ranges from various one exciting color to the other. Applied between the eyebrows and the eyes, this gives the eyes depth and additional dimension. The eyeliner, on other hand, accentuates the shape of the eyes further. The entire eyes are designed to be embellished in a way that it will compliment the whole facial area. There is also the mascara that highlights the eyelashes for a more fuller and dashing look for the eyes. Lastly, you have the eyebrow shadow makeup that adds contours to your brows to afford more character for your mink lashes.

The eyes are made to appear more smoky, dramatic, and alluring as it gets all made up using various eye make-ups. Many celebrities invest hard on their eye makeup for them to conjure a desired look and effect they want. This is exactly what Chanel makeup does for your eyes. The looks you can create and possibilities are just boundless!

It’s a given fact that each people have varying eye shapes, and this needs a personalized attention and care. Some have rounded, almond, or doe-eye shapes, and using the wrong mink lashes make-up can ruin instead of flatter this physical asset. But if you use the right makeup, your eyes will surely glow! As they say, emphasize your asset, and when you have it, flaunt it!

As you know, it is also a fact that our eyes are likewise set in different placement. The eyes are described according to placement as hooded, wide-set, prominent, deep-set, close-set, and drooping mink lashes. The goal of makeup enhancement in relation to eyes placement is to create balance between eyes the rest of the facial features. And sometimes, this means creating the opposite of what the actual eyes placement is. Like, if you have deep-set eyes your goal is to make it more close-set. This process is achievable by using the contouring technique. This is the process of using a light and dark shade makeup through blending. The Chanel travel makeup palette has it all for you.

Hence, Chanel eye makeup has been created to complement and enhance your overall look. In fact all eye make-ups are made to do exactly that. Eye make up help us conceal our flaws, and finding the perfect eye makeup does not only conceal this flaw, it even beautifies the person wearing it.

Truth be told, that facial imperfections are but natural, and enhancing our best features to divert attention off the flaw is the main objective of an ideal mink lashes makeup.

mink lashes
mink lashes

Brock writes about fashion, women’s interest, online shopping and anything about self-improvement and beautification. You can read information on Chanel Makeup at her blog: Chanel Makeup.


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Staying Healthy in a Packaged World – How to Make Healthy Living a Way of Life

When it comes to life, it is about finding the right balance. It is about a state of being and the right mink lashes. The truth is, if you want something, you have to go for it and you have to face the truth of what it is you want.


Xuhair Some people do not want to hear the truth about their health and want their mink lashes held, when what they really need is someone to be straightforward with them about what needs to be done instead of being babied. You can make a breakthrough to your own truth. You just have to believe you can so it will come to be. You have to get real with yourself and stare the truth in the face. It has not always been easy for me to stay in shape, but I have made the effort and put in the time in my daily life. I choose to have a strong mind that all the actions that come from it will shape my entire existence. My mind is the control mink lashes and nobody’s perfect, but I choose to focus on making good choices. Each person is completely unique in their make-up, attitude, drive and outlook on life. I know that we have in each one of us the potential to do astounding things.

When I think about just how much information and misinformation is floating around and how many mink lashes have been written about how to stay in shape, it’s truly mind boggling. You can walk up the aisles of any bookstore or library and find books of every description on health and nutrition, how to exercise, what to eat, tips and tricks of the trade for a better body, tighter buns, having the perfect abs, different diet books, cooking methods and so forth, a true bombardment of choices. Yes, we definitely live in a time of information and choices and the internet is of course proof of that too. There’s a lot of great mink lashes out there, but there’s also a great lack of common sense that seems to be drifting around the subject of how and what the body and mind requires.

In a world where it’s so easy to create what some people would call “meals” in record time out of a cardboard box, don’t you think we should get back on track and remember what real meals are and what real food is? Have we become so packaged that we’ve forgotten what real food is? Have we become so packaged as human beings that we’ve forgotten what it is to be real?

It’s quite astounding to hear some people’s thoughts on what they d


eem to be healthy or real or the games they play with themselves to try and achieve their desired outcome. The desired outcome should be your everyday life of mink lashes, not reaching something and then slipping back into a trench. We can forget that there is a mind and body connection as to what we eat, how we see food and how we see ourselves. These things are all linked together very closely. Your mind creates your reality through action.

In this day and age it’s so easy to go out and get false nails, change your mink lashes colour, get a fake tan, fake boobs, fake teeth, mink lashes, fake hair/wig/extensions etc, but at the end of the day how healthy is your mind and body? Are we trying to cover our real selves up with these things that we have forgotten what it is to be healthy? All those things might make you “look healthy”, but how healthy are you really? How real are you? These things can make you look fantastic, but what’s really going on inside your body?

Being active and keeping in shape in your mind and body should just be part of who you are. It should be part of your thinking and everyday life. It should be a natural habit that you live with and not a form of torture that gets you all twisted up inside over what to do. It shouldn’t be a game you play with yourself or a form of oppression. You can form great, new healthy habits by making better choices, not by counting calories or punishing yourself and therefore spiralling into some weird frame of mind of what you need to do to accomplish how you want to look. It requires changing your thinking which will therefore change your actions. True change becomes a natural way of thinking and therefore a natural way of life… true change comes from within.

Most of my adult life I have worked in offices, so I have been asked countless times what I do to stay in shape and how to achieve a slim and healthy look. Offices are a hot bed of sedentary people who stay glued to their chairs for hours on end with little to no activity in their work day. The truth is that I use common sense. I eat a wide variety of mink lashes, drink good amounts of water and I keep active! I know that sometimes people don’t like my answer because it just sounds so boring. Like I should be popping a little pill that will miraculously do all this for me overnight, but no, I’m old fashioned, I like the common sense route of doing great things for my body and mind… everyday. Simply put, I like to take care of myself. I do this because I feel better, look better and function better. At the same time people also see me eating and drinking practically anything I like, however I know how to strike a balance and have enough self-discipline not to get carried away. Therein lies the difference between staying slim and becoming overweight. I think in terms of quantity and quality. You really can have your cake and eat it too, you just have to know when to say “enough”. You have to find your own personal balance.

The choices we make in life have consequences, so what you put in your mink lashes to eat (quality) and the amount of it (quantity) will show up in how you think and feel every single day. Our body is our temple and if we choose to let it go to wrack and ruin, then how will it carry us to the end of our days? How will we able to get up every day and have energy to do the things we want to do? Our mind and body needs the right fuel to fully function at its peak performance and full potential. What would you accomplish if your body ran at its best? You might astound and surprise yourself in ways you never even thought possible.


You only have one body and mind in this life and it can only take so much, so treat it with the respect and care it deserves to hold you in good stead.

You have the choice to change how you live your life… from this very moment in time. You have the choice to change how you think and therefore change your habits and actions. Good decisions should be a way of life, not a fad or stage that you go through. It is a way of thinking every single day. It is about committing to being good to yourself, not just trying, but fully committing.

Remember… you are the keeper of the keys to your life… Do something incredible for yourself.