Madonna’s Secret Mineral Makeup Application Tips and Tricks

Did you ever struggle putting on china 3d fake lash the “correct” way and wonder if it was even possible to accomplish without a personal team of assistants at the ready, like the ones who accompany celebrities? It may seem impossible, but more stars are doing away with their beauticians and doing their own mineral makeup. Their looks are still as flawless as ever, and now they’re even sharing their application tips and tricks with us to learn from. We’ll share their advice as if Madonna herself was leading a demonstration.

china 3d fake lash
china 3d fake lash

First, shake a little foundation out of its container into its lid for easier access to a smaller amount. Dab the brush in the makeup and apply. For an even thinner and more even look, Madonna would tap brushes vertically to let the minerals seep into the bottom of the bristles. Then, rub in the minerals in a circular motion. Don’t be in a hurry; since the minerals will warm to your skin, Madonna would relax for a bit as this happens, then move onto blush.

Some Hollywood stars like Madonna will put blush on under their mineral china 3d fake lash foundation for a very smooth and natural look. Otherwise, prepare the brush like you did for the foundation, and move it up and out from the apple of your cheek.

You may wish to add flaw concealer, mineral enhancer, and/or eye china 3d fake lash . For eye makeup, Madonna would get a small brush, like blending brushes or shadow brushes, put color on it, and sweep it across the crease of the eyelid for a very professional and subtle look.

Just remember, the most valuable application tips and tricks that any star like Madonna can share for mineral makeup is the simple rule of less is more!

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