Stop Pulling Hair – Two Most Effective Trichotillomania Treatments

Many people suffer from a condition known as trichotillomania, or OCD custom eyelash packaging pulling, which is a condition where they can’t stop pulling hair out. This condition can be embarrassing, and lead to physical damage to one’s body. People who suffer from this inability to stop pulling hair can actually pull chunks of hair out leaving embarrassing bald spots on their head.

This condition can also lead to pulling out custom eyelash packaging, and other hair. This condition of custom eyelash packaging pulling out is often motivated by discomfort due to being in a certain situation. People who can’t stop pulling hair out have a few options available for dealing with this condition.

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custom eyelash packaging

This condition, in which people can’t stop pulling hair out, known as trichotillomania, is not fully understood. In fact despite the fact that somewhere between two and four percent of the population worldwide suffers from this inability to stop pulling custom eyelash packaging out there has been little overall research done on the condition. The biggest reason that there hasn’t been much research into why some people can’t stop pulling hair out is that until the late 1980’s it wasn’t accepted as a true condition.

If you are one of the people who suffer from this condition where you can’t stop pulling custom eyelash packaging out then there are a few treatments available. Unfortunately there is currently no trichotillomania cure available. custom eyelash packaging therapy is the most widely used method of treating hair pulling out. Therapy aims to determine the cause of the condition in the individual patient and then determine methods which can be used to treat the condition. Therapy lengths can vary widely depending on the individual person involved, and their ability to not only learn new methods of dealing with their condition, but also their ability to put it into practice.

Drugs can also be used under certain circumstances in the treatment of this hair pulling habit. Certain drugs such as Prozac have shown some success in a certain percentage of individuals. Unfortunately these drugs have also been found to actually increase the problem in a certain segment of the population afflicted with this condition.

Whether drugs should be used in conjunction with therapy should be determined by your individual psychologists. A psychologist who has experience in dealing with a pulling hair disorder is best suited to dealing with this condition. If you or someone you know is unable to stop pulling hair a doctor should be consulted to find a specialist capable of treating this condition.

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