It Pays To Have All Makeup Items Together In One Place!

Honestly if you ask me, I have lost count of the times when women in my company have panicked about a certain eyelash extension device accessory they have ended up misplacing. You see I have a close professional association with the fashion fraternity in my part of the world, allowing me to spend a lot of time with them. On every such occasion, I have found that when a significant fashion or makeup related goof up happens, there is complete chaos that sets in.

eyelash extension device
eyelash extension device

Sensing a clear need for a plausible solution to all such situations, I began to research online if I could find any suitable carry case that would contain all necessary eyelash extension device items within it. Thankfully, I did not have to look too far for the same since I found a company in the UK called Nanshy which offered a wonderful standup brush holder that could also double up as a makeup pouch.

In my opinion, the best part about this pouch is its size. After all, for an item which you are likely to carry around with you all the time, you want it to be in just the right size, neither too big nor too small. In the case of this particular pouch, what I discovered is that it is simply apt in size, not too big to face difficulties in carrying around, and at the same time, not too small to miss out on holding all necessary eyelash extension device items.

Are such pouches meant only for eyelash extension device  professionals?

This is a question which I end up being asked quite often. Essentially, people are uncertain about investing on such a pouch, since they feel it may not be suitable for them.

To all such people, I would like to quell the doubts they have in their mind by asserting on the fact that this pouch is meant for professionals from all walks of life and not just makeup artists or makeup professionals.

In fact I have myself gifted many such pouches to other female friends whose professions are far removed from the eyelash extension device world but at the same time, do like to have ready access to their makeup items at all times, since they prefer to look and feel good always.

Are such pouches expensive?

No, such pouches are not expensive at all. Even if I factor in cost of overseas shipping, I find that these pouches do not cost a lot of money. This aspect especially comes to the fore since there is no such product available locally in the first place. So there is no benchmark as such against which I can compare such items anyway.


eyelash extension device
eyelash extension device

Nonetheless, in conclusion I would wholeheartedly recommend this product from Nancy. They have clearly got their priorities dead right by offering an item which is particularly very useful and at the same time, quite inexpensive.

The Nanshy Standup Brush Holder or Nancy Essential eyelash extension device Pouch is really all that you would ever need to keep every one of your makeup essentials in one place without ever losing track of even a single such item!

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