Eyelash Extension Adhesives – Buyer Beware

It is impossible to surf the world wide web without running across stories about toxic products being pulled from US shelves. In 2007 there was a major recall of toys that were imported from China. These Chinese made toys were pulled from shelves because levels of lead were detected in the paints that were used to manufacture them. Many beauty products are produced in Asian countries and could pose possible health risks. This is a crucial matter for products used for health and cosmetic purposes such as eyelash packaging eyelash extension adhesive. Is your eyelash extension adhesive produced in a US government approved facility? Keep reading so you can know for certain.

Eyelash extension adhesives made outside of the US may or may not be manufactured with the same quality control as those made in the US. Many eyelash packaging eyelash adhesives claim to be pharmaceutical grade. But what is pharmaceutical grade? What does that really mean? Does it mean the same in the US as it does in other countries?

eyelash packaging eyelash
eyelash packaging eyelash

There are 3 organizations that you should become familiar with. First is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which is an agency that is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring safety and efficacy. Secondly, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This is an international standard setting body that provides information on products and services related to property and liability risks. Finally, there is the American Extended Wear Cosmetic Association (AEWCA). This is a board of medical professionals that review the safety and quality performance of products such as lash extension adhesives and removers. These organizations uphold the strict guidelines for eyelash packaging eyelash manufacturing. Together they can offer a check and balance that may assist in evaluating various consumer products. They often can offer the first alert to a potential problem.

Many untested products make their way to the US markets. So it is critical to know where the products you use come from. When tested some brands of lash extension adhesives were found to contain toxic and eyelash packaging eyelash causing irritants. Many untested industrial grade adhesives (commonly used in auto manufacturing) enter the US and European markets through China and Korea. The Asian-produced products are then re-branded and deceptively marketed as American.

Some companies have developed teams of physicians, scientists, and cosmetic chemists to formulate formaldehyde-free, pharmaceutical-grade lash adhesives manufactured in the United States. NovaLash, Xtreme Lash, and Naturalash are all companies with adhesives that are produced in the US in FDA and ISO inspected facilities and they are also approved by the AEWCA.

Although beauty may only be skin deep, the products we use can pose threats that can penetrate deeper. Take control of the health and safety of your beauty routine by doing the appropriate research. To locate an eyelash packaging eyelash extensionist that utilizes US grade adhesives go to

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