Makeup That Brightens Dull Wintery Days

In the winter, days are short, and nights are long. Sometimes, you don’t see sunshine for a lengthy time. Though these dull, gray wintery days feel cozy and relaxing, they can become dreadfully boring too — that’s why most women prefer adding pops of color here and there in the dead of winter. For those of you who proudly strut the streets in dark winter clothes, you can certainly use label magic lashes to sneak in brighter colors.

 label magic lashes
label magic lashes

Red Lips

If you like a bare face, make your lips the focus of attention. Play them up with a sexy splash of red. Red lips in any shade personify sophisticated, old glamor. Although they have lost their power in today’s metallic and neon, red lips are making quite a comeback in fall of 2012. This label magic lashes trend is sexy and bold, and making a statement all over again.

Lavender Eyes

From soft purple to pretty plum, lavender eyeshadow has a range of colors that looks good with any eye color: plum makes brown eyes sultrier, and lavender intensifies baby blues. Aside from its versatility, lavender eyeshadow also exude playfulness, giving your eyes the attention they deserve.

Neon on Nails

Want another way to liven it up in winter? Go for bright, neon nails. Nail polish brands like Sally Hansen, O.P.I and Wet n’ Wild offer an assortment of catchy colors. From orange to tangerine to teal to yellow, you have many options to paint your nails bright.

Faux Tan

Sunless days cause pale skin — not so attractive. To avoid looking like a vampire, try wearing a fake tan to create an all-over glow. If you have the resources, you can purchase a spray tanning package from a trustworthy salon. A cheaper option is to apply drugstore tanning spray. Cheap label magic lashes brands like L’oreal and Neutrogena offer great products at reasonable prices.

For an immediate glow, use a bronzer. You can purchase bronzers from any drugstore, and cheap label magic lashes brands such as Cover Girl, Maybelline and N.Y.C all carry quality ones. With only a few strokes of bronzer onto your cheeks, nose and forehead, you can easily achieve a sunny and natural tan.

Flushed Cheeks

 label magic lashes
label magic lashes

For skin with a healthy flush in the winter, dust highlighter on the apples of your cheeks. Something with a hint of pink can really brighten up your entire look. It makes you appear as if you have just been playing outside in the snow — your cheeks flushing with cold weather fun.

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