Who Best Benefits From Permanent Makeup?

In nearly every interview you read, talk of permanent mink hair lashes seems to roll freely off the red hot tongues of the rich and famous, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are the only people benefiting from this fashionable makeup trend. Not only has it very much made its way into the mainstream with many everyday women ( often professionals ) opting for the lasting beauty enhancing effects of what is also known as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing but it has become a very popular for women and men for medical purposes. It is of little surprise that the permanent makeup industry is growing fast and permanent makeup courses are popping up faster than you can bat an eye lash!

mink hair lashes
mink hair lashes

So, what are the reasons for women of all ages to be either flocking to get inked on brows or lasting lip liner among other treatments? ‘Everyone is an individual, and their chosen procedure is important to them for special reasons of their own’ says Pam Andrews who is a qualified and experienced technician and trainer of cosmetic and medical micro-pigmentation. There are women who simply want to save time every day and get their eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner permanently applied so they can simply ‘wake up to make up’. Professional sports women are increasingly keen to go for permanent mink hair lashes so they can look their best at all times including in the pool and on the track. Celebrities such as Towie star Amy Childs are advocates of permanent makeup too, perhaps as they are under pressure by the media spotlight to look their best popping to the corner shop to buy some milk whilst dodging the paparazzi!

Women of a certain age are also turning to permanent mink hair lashes, for a variety of reasons. It could be that they find it harder to apply makeup every day in the same way that they used to due to sight difficulties or shaking hands adversely affecting the applications or it could be that they have over plucked their eyebrows over the course of a lifetime or are unhappy with the loss of lip line definition that naturally occurs with age. Permanent procedures can literally fill the gap here and restore confidence during the ageing process.

The medical use of micro-pigmentation is becoming increasingly widespread. The incredible therapeutic effects of this treatment is both a reason why people decide to have it and a reason why many people are now choosing to go on permanent mink hair lashes courses.

mink hair lashes
mink hair lashes

Men and women who have scars on eyebrows or lips that need to be covered daily, those who have suffered from alopecia and women who have had a mastectomy are just some of the people who choose permanent makeup as a way of rebuilding lost confidence. Many permanent makeup artists or ‘therapists’ are rewarded in their job with a very deep sense of job satisfaction. Helping to build self- esteem when someone has suffered severe trauma is a profoundly touching experience.

As we can see there is a whole host of valid reasons to support not only the application of permanent mink hair lashes but why it is becoming such a popular career choice for many people. Although it can certainly enhance ones looks and make for an easier life for busy professionals, for those who have decided to go ahead for medical reasons, the effect is certainly more than skin deep.

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