Staying Healthy in a Packaged World – How to Make Healthy Living a Way of Life

When it comes to life, it is about finding the right balance. It is about a state of being and the right mink lashes. The truth is, if you want something, you have to go for it and you have to face the truth of what it is you want.


Xuhair Some people do not want to hear the truth about their health and want their mink lashes held, when what they really need is someone to be straightforward with them about what needs to be done instead of being babied. You can make a breakthrough to your own truth. You just have to believe you can so it will come to be. You have to get real with yourself and stare the truth in the face. It has not always been easy for me to stay in shape, but I have made the effort and put in the time in my daily life. I choose to have a strong mind that all the actions that come from it will shape my entire existence. My mind is the control mink lashes and nobody’s perfect, but I choose to focus on making good choices. Each person is completely unique in their make-up, attitude, drive and outlook on life. I know that we have in each one of us the potential to do astounding things.

When I think about just how much information and misinformation is floating around and how many mink lashes have been written about how to stay in shape, it’s truly mind boggling. You can walk up the aisles of any bookstore or library and find books of every description on health and nutrition, how to exercise, what to eat, tips and tricks of the trade for a better body, tighter buns, having the perfect abs, different diet books, cooking methods and so forth, a true bombardment of choices. Yes, we definitely live in a time of information and choices and the internet is of course proof of that too. There’s a lot of great mink lashes out there, but there’s also a great lack of common sense that seems to be drifting around the subject of how and what the body and mind requires.

In a world where it’s so easy to create what some people would call “meals” in record time out of a cardboard box, don’t you think we should get back on track and remember what real meals are and what real food is? Have we become so packaged that we’ve forgotten what real food is? Have we become so packaged as human beings that we’ve forgotten what it is to be real?

It’s quite astounding to hear some people’s thoughts on what they d


eem to be healthy or real or the games they play with themselves to try and achieve their desired outcome. The desired outcome should be your everyday life of mink lashes, not reaching something and then slipping back into a trench. We can forget that there is a mind and body connection as to what we eat, how we see food and how we see ourselves. These things are all linked together very closely. Your mind creates your reality through action.

In this day and age it’s so easy to go out and get false nails, change your mink lashes colour, get a fake tan, fake boobs, fake teeth, mink lashes, fake hair/wig/extensions etc, but at the end of the day how healthy is your mind and body? Are we trying to cover our real selves up with these things that we have forgotten what it is to be healthy? All those things might make you “look healthy”, but how healthy are you really? How real are you? These things can make you look fantastic, but what’s really going on inside your body?

Being active and keeping in shape in your mind and body should just be part of who you are. It should be part of your thinking and everyday life. It should be a natural habit that you live with and not a form of torture that gets you all twisted up inside over what to do. It shouldn’t be a game you play with yourself or a form of oppression. You can form great, new healthy habits by making better choices, not by counting calories or punishing yourself and therefore spiralling into some weird frame of mind of what you need to do to accomplish how you want to look. It requires changing your thinking which will therefore change your actions. True change becomes a natural way of thinking and therefore a natural way of life… true change comes from within.

Most of my adult life I have worked in offices, so I have been asked countless times what I do to stay in shape and how to achieve a slim and healthy look. Offices are a hot bed of sedentary people who stay glued to their chairs for hours on end with little to no activity in their work day. The truth is that I use common sense. I eat a wide variety of mink lashes, drink good amounts of water and I keep active! I know that sometimes people don’t like my answer because it just sounds so boring. Like I should be popping a little pill that will miraculously do all this for me overnight, but no, I’m old fashioned, I like the common sense route of doing great things for my body and mind… everyday. Simply put, I like to take care of myself. I do this because I feel better, look better and function better. At the same time people also see me eating and drinking practically anything I like, however I know how to strike a balance and have enough self-discipline not to get carried away. Therein lies the difference between staying slim and becoming overweight. I think in terms of quantity and quality. You really can have your cake and eat it too, you just have to know when to say “enough”. You have to find your own personal balance.

The choices we make in life have consequences, so what you put in your mink lashes to eat (quality) and the amount of it (quantity) will show up in how you think and feel every single day. Our body is our temple and if we choose to let it go to wrack and ruin, then how will it carry us to the end of our days? How will we able to get up every day and have energy to do the things we want to do? Our mind and body needs the right fuel to fully function at its peak performance and full potential. What would you accomplish if your body ran at its best? You might astound and surprise yourself in ways you never even thought possible.


You only have one body and mind in this life and it can only take so much, so treat it with the respect and care it deserves to hold you in good stead.

You have the choice to change how you live your life… from this very moment in time. You have the choice to change how you think and therefore change your habits and actions. Good decisions should be a way of life, not a fad or stage that you go through. It is a way of thinking every single day. It is about committing to being good to yourself, not just trying, but fully committing.

Remember… you are the keeper of the keys to your life… Do something incredible for yourself.


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