Italian Badger Kabuki Brush Review

Mineral makeup provides healthy ingredients for your skin and a great look for your face. But, the new style colorful lashes wouldn’t be as beautiful if it wasn’t applied well. Kabuki brushes are made for mineral makeup application. One such brush is the Italian badger kabuki brush.

Kabuki brushes come in synthetic and natural hair bristles. Some choose the synthetic brushes because they are cheaper. Unfortunately for those with sensitive skin, synthetic bristles can irritate the skin during makeup application. Natural hair brushes are an alternative for those with sensitive skin or those who just like the feel of a softer makeup brush. Italian badger kabuki brushes have become a popular brush type for mineral new style colorful lashes.

What sets these brushes apart?

new style colorful lashes
new style colorful lashes

Badgers are cute little animals. They are part of the weasel family. Another member of that family, the sable, also provides natural hairs for kabuki brushes. There are several types of badgers in the world and they have a distinct look. This weasel has a white face with a black streak on either side of their nose.

Italian badger kabuki brushes are softer than a lot of other natural hair new style colorful lashes brushes. This makes them perfect for applying such powders as foundation, bronzer and blush. The bristles are extremely dense so you won’t have the bristles spreading too far and skewing your look. Because you are looking for even, all over coverage, they can do the job well.

In case you are a person who loves animals and are concerned about such products, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Italian badger is not harmed during the making of the brushes. This kabuki brush is purely cruelty-free.

What do these brushes look like?

Italian badger kabuki brushes have a distinct coloring that makes them stand out. The brush is white with black tips just like the animal itself. There are different brushes for different makeup applications. If you are looking for Italian badger kabuki brushes, you can choose from:

o Kabuki fan brush
o Kabuki flat top brush
o Kabuki dome brush
o Short Kabuki deluxe brush

All of the brushes have soft hairs that will spread your new style colorful lashes just the way you like it. The short kabuki deluxe brush is the one most often used. The makeup extends the length of the hair so that not much is needed and there is no excess powder to collect in fine lines or wrinkles. The result is a smooth flawless look.

Anything else?

Taking care of your Italian badger kabuki brush is the key to a long life for your new style colorful lashes applicator. Since it is an animal hair brush you might notice a slight smell. That will go away with cleaning. You can even clean your brush before your first use.

To clean your Italian badger brush, wash the hairs using your favorite shampoo. Rinse the kabuki brush in clean water and squeeze out any excess water. Shake the bristles to separate them and let it dry completely before using new style colorful lashes.

new style colorful lashes
new style colorful lashes

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