Hair Extensions — Eastern Offerings Flaunted On Western Crowns

The unwavering and insatiable own custom lashes desire for the attainment of flawless beauty has undeniably made cosmetology a billion dollar industry. In the Oxford Dictionary, vanity is defined as “conceit about one’s appearance or attainments.” Perhaps one could state that vanity is one of the primary motivators behind people altering their appearances synthetically. This raises an interesting question: have the morals and values of our society become as superficial and disingenuous as the plastic “props” paraded around by its constituents?

own custom lashes
own custom lashes

If a person feels frustrated about a certain physical attribute they simply have it altered — less of course those “unfortunate” soles who cannot afford to do so. The covers of the latest digitally re-touched fashion magazines inspire the starry eyed masses to try and emulate the latest fads. Plastic surgery, liposuction, botox, teeth whitening, false eyelashes and hair coloring have become the fashion “xuhair” of the 21st century.

Many people know that there is a own custom lashes level of deception involved; this however does not serve as any kind of deterrent in their pursuit of self-gratification.

In the early 70’s women started using own custom lashes extensions — this in spite of the more conventional milieu associated with this era. Now the situation has drastically changed, with celebrities endorsing these products; even ordinary people want hair extensions because they’ve become trendy and popular.

All of this aside though — the deposition on superficiality above has clearly made the point that this attribute is not “nice.” Wearing hair extensions, after all, is not all that presumptuous and in addition it’s not as though it were a permanent alteration… alright — they can make you own custom lashes simply fabulous as well.

There are several different products with varying procedures of appending the aforementioned extensions. Extensions offer extra length, volume and most importantly magnificent hair.

The strands of hair used to manufacture them are either synthetic or of authentic human origin. Genuine human hair extensions, as one would expect, are more costly due to the fact that they need to be treated with greater care during the production process.

Hair destined for the beauty industry is sourced from all over the world; interestingly enough though — hair derived from India constitutes up to twenty percent hereof.

Hindus in the Southern part of India shave their heads in a sacred religious ceremony and offer the own custom lashes to lord vishnu at the tirupati temple. The hair is sold at auctions, mainly to China, where it is cleaned, fumigated and arranged in batches. Different companies buy the hair and it is distributed to different salons; with Hollywood being one of the largest patrons of this industry.

There are two basic options when considering extensions — temporary extensions or more permanent extensions, the latter is applied to one’s own hair and may last a few months. own custom lashes salons, selected stores and even the Internet offer clip-in hair extensions to consumers, but it is highly advised that only professionals apply permanent extensions.

The two major problems associated with permanent extensions are the exorbitant costs involved as well as possible damage to the user’s own hair. The customer base usually consists of older and wealthier clientele as one rarely sees twenty year olds who can afford these stylish hair accessories.

own custom lashes
own custom lashes

Maintenance is also an issue to consider; the permanent extensions are quite labor intensive and time consuming. In General clients are satisfied, although some sufferers of traction alopecia have reported serious complaints. Extensions applied with glue should be avoided; Great Lengths(TM) hair extensions have a technologically advanced application method and are very popular amongst celebrities, they are available at selected hair salons.


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