What’s So Special About Bobbi Brown Make Up

There’s a bewildering variety of make up brands and products to choose from on the market today. Ranging from cheap lipsticks for less than the price of a coffee, all the way up to advanced eye creams that could set you back the best part of a w real 3d mink strip lashes eeks salary.

So how do you know which make up brand offers the best products and the best value for money?

One brand that’s been gaining a lot of strength in recent years is Bobbi Brown. But why?


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Well many people are attracted to Bobbi Brown cosmetics as they are designed by a renowned make up artist who herself has over 25 years experience in applying make up. She took this knowledge insight and expertise and developed her own range of cosmetics designed especially to create natural looking colour which enhanced rather than covered a woman’s skin.

One of the best selling lines in the collection is the Concealer that she sells. The concealer is designed with a yellowish undertone as Bobbi noticed that the vast majority of women have a yellow tone to their skin, making it the perfect choice as a found real 3d mink strip lashes ation and concealer.

She’s also well known for the range of Shimmer Bricks she produces. The shimmer bricks come in six different tones and can be used to create adventurous looks for a night out on the town, or a subtle look of sophistication to enhance an office meeting outfit.

As well as being attracted to her make up a lot of people enjoy the Bobbi Brown ethic, with her focus on natural beauty and self esteem proving a welcome antidote to an industry dominated by artifice.

Although the Bobbi Brown makeup range is not the cheap real 3d mink strip lashes est it certainly offers great value for money and natural quality that’s well worth forking out for.

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