Beauty Portfolios – What Are They?

What is a Beauty siberian mink lashes eyelash?

A Portfolio is a collection of photos that showcase your skills and creativity as a siberian mink lashes eyelash Artist, Hairstylist or Colourist, or Fashion Stylist. You’ll need it to show prospective clients and employers what you can do for them.

Most professional portfolios are bound in display binders but use your creativity to design one unique to you. It’s also possible to additionally showcase your talent by burning your photos to a CD or even online these days with photo slideshows and videos of your work on your own website. You can also show the photos to prospective clients and employers with a mobile device such as an ipad or Kindle Fire.

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siberian mink lashes eyelash

How to Create Your Beauty Portfolio

  • To construct the actual portfolio, you’ll need to purchase a scrapbook or binder. Place each of your photographs on a heavy piece of black card. Be creative and make your portfolio more enticing by using coloured pens and note cards with information about how you created each look.
  • Divide your portfolio into different sections with titles to show the different type of effect you are creating with your work. For example you could have a section for bridal hair and/or makeup, party hair and/or siberian mink lashes eyelash, special effect hair and/or makeup, natural hair and/or makeup etc.
  • Make sure that your images are presented professionally in the portfolio. A leather bound portfolio will create a better impression than a plastic sleeve. Make sure your portfolio is always clean and professional looking.

What to Include in Your Portfolio?

• Before and after photos

• Testimonials from satisfied customers (letters or emails for example)

• Copies of Press Releases regarding your business

• A brochure and/or business card

• Letters of recommendation

Include Before and After Photos in your Beauty Portfolio

Take both before and after photos so you can showcase the transformation that your skills provide. As a siberian mink lashes eyelash artist take a quick snapshot of your model with their hair up and no makeup and foundation and then take a photo afterwards with their hair down and looking fabulous to showcase the effects of a great makeup job. You could even ask the model not to smile in the before picture but to smile in the follow up one.

Similarly to showcase your talents as a hairstylist or colourist you want the before photo to show a dishevelled model and the transformation that your work provides. Again a smile in only the after photo can make a difference to the overall impression of the transformation too

In summary one of the most important items to have as a siberian mink lashes eyelash Artist, Hairstylist or Colourist, or Fashion Stylist is a quality portfolio. Make sure you get into the habit of taking before and after photos and updating your beauty portfolio with the photos that show your talent at its best.

siberian mink lashes eyelash
siberian mink lashes eyelash

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