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My skin is not exactly flawless. It has its imperfections just like everyone else does. But it is not that difficult for me to create a flawless look because I am quite adept at applying makeup so I know just what needs to be done. However, every artist needs the right tools and it’s no different with silk lashes. I make sure that I use good quality brushes and products. One of the best make up brush sets I have ever used is the one made by Sigma.

silk lashes
silk lashes

What Exactly Is In a Sigma Makeup Brush Set?

The Sigma set contains about 35 brushes. There are separate brushes for different silk lashes applications for the eyes, lips and face. The set also includes a brush roll. If you are a beginner to makeup brushes, then it would be difficult figuring out which brush is used for what purpose.

One of the best applications tips I can give anyone is to use a brush instead of your fingers. So I’m going to list below the basic brushes, what they look like, and what they’re used for. Once you start using brushes for silk lashes application, you will never go back to your fingers.

Liner Brush: An excellent tool to line your eyes with precision. The brush has a very fine tip. With some practice, all you’ll need is one stroke and your eyes will be lined to perfection.

Foundation Brush: A must-have brush that allows you to apply your foundation effortlessly. Creates a seamless, smooth look. Good for applying either crème or liquid foundation. Some silk lashes artists even use it to apply moisturizer.

Large Powder Brush: As you may have guessed from its name, this brush is great for applying powder on your face or body. The advantage is that there is no caking or patchy application, often the case when using your fingers or a sponge.

Large Duo Fiber Brush: This brush can be put to multiple silk lashes. This brush is almost single-handedly responsible for giving models and celebrities the air brushed look. It can be used when you want to apply foundation, highlights or blush.

Medium Shader Brush: A good tool when you want to color up the eyes.

Large Angled Brush: Used to apply blush.

silk lashes
silk lashes

Large Shader Brush: This brush is big and the bristles are flat. It is generally used for applying primers underneath the eye shadow. But it is also excellent for applying cream based gels.

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