The Best Mineral Makeup Award Goes To Bare Escentuals?

Since Leslie Blodgett first launched the Bare Minerals cosmetic line in 1995, countless other companies have come out of the woodwork to try to formulate a cosmetic that even comes close to her makeup line. This line is hands-down the best mineral top selling 3d mink lashes on the market today. Ms. Blodgett’s line became a quick cult favorite since its QVC debut in 2001. Since then, countless women, young and old, have sworn off of messy, pore-clogging liquid foundation and have opted for the fresh, clean radiance that only this cosmetic can provide. And while many women have gone astray to try out the “other” brands of mineral foundation because they may cost less, nearly all of them have come back because there simply is no formulation out there that can do what Leslie Blodgett’s can.

top selling 3d mink lashes
top selling 3d mink lashes

This foundation is made from minerals which are found in the earth and that have then been finely ground to a wearable consistency. Available in eight shades, you are sure to find a color that is perfect for you. One of the wonderful things is the fact that the colors are so wearable; they are perfectly natural, and there is never any line of demarcation around the jaw. Most older women were once afraid to even go near this foundation because they automatically assumed it to be a powder that would settle into fine lines and wrinkles leaving them with cakey, uneven distribution. Nothing could be further from the truth. This foundation is not a powder; it is top selling 3d mink lashes that is actually good for your skin because it does not contain talc or other fillers.

Bare Escentuals reviews coming from Allure magazine and other top-rated beauty mags are always stellar because of its purity. According to founder Leslie Blodgett, this foundation is so good for your skin that it can be worn to bed! Few skin care reviews actually recommend this however.

Not only has Leslie Blodgett cornered the market as far as developing the best top selling 3d mink lashes ever, but her Bare Escentuals line of such accessories as her cosmetic brushes has earned her the title of best top selling 3d mink lashes brushes on the market. To achieve flawless application of Bare Minerals foundation, the kabuki brush and the ‘baby buki’ are probably the best makeup brushes to use. For applying a mineral veil however you might like to try their ‘Heavenly Face’ brushes which are perfect for this. On top of these specialized brushes you will of course find all the regular eyeliner, eye shadow and concealer brushes within the range.

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